Typology: Renovation / interior / objects
Location: Trondheim
Status: Built
Date: 2023
Built and manufactured by F5 Agency, Sven Undheim, Dariusz Babik and Sebastian Thomassen

The project for Livid in Trondheim reveals the structural layers of the existing building, contrary to standard practice. The building is a patchwork of different structures having developed over time, including elements in steel, brickwork, concrete and exposed log walls. The project is about revealing and hiding in an attempt to find a balance between an honesty of construction and a reduced framework for the clothing store. The architecture is a collage of the existing surfaces, exposed steel structures, infrastructures and the interior elements. The most important and permanent interventions are not directly related to our original brief, but are a part of the strategy for a robust interior, outlasting the store itself. As much care has gone into designing the system for sprinklers, ventilation ducts and electricity  as in the furniture and objects. The existing elements are visibly repaired where necessary and particularly interesting moments are highlighted or enhanced.

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