Typology: Interior / objects
Location: Trondheim
Status: Completed
Date: 2018
Built by Ula jern
Images by Ole Ekker

Livid Femme in Trondheim was a temporary project in a space soon to be demolished and rebuilt. It didn’t make any sense to interact too much with the existing space.

We decided to paint the cheap laminate flooring in a high gloss white paint. The rest was wrapped in white curtains. The interior is organized by an ensemble of aluminium objects. A large table with a diameter of 2 meters is placed in the middle of the room. A lightweight structure provides two dressing rooms. A large shelf follow the narrow corridor behind the stairs and five clothing racks are placed along the walls.

The store has been completely dismantled as the city block is going through a large renovation. The curtains and aluminium objects have since been reused and found new homes around the city.
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