Typology: Installation
Location: Copenhagen
Floral arrangement: Tableau
Images: Thea Lund
Date: 2024

Installation for Livid for the Copenhagen Fashion Week/Copenhagen International Fashion Fair.

A temporary stone garden made of reclaimed clinker blocks and flowers. An archaic facade hide the standard racks and form a face towards the busy fair. Three freestanding tables/flowerbeds are placed centered at each opening. The flowers are ‘planted’ in the holes of the clinker blocks and were given the impression of taking over and overgrowing the edges of the beds. 

The clothes was partially hidden from the outside, completely going against the standard procedure of the fair, intended as a sales window for fashion brands to buyers, often resulting in excessive branding, colors and graphics.

The installation is based on the idea of combining the ephemeral (light and with a feeling of temporality) and the heavy (longevity, the timeless and robust). Creating something archaic in an environment dominated by the light and temporary. When the fair was finished the installation was disassembled and the materials transported back to be reused again, leaving no traces.

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